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SEO Service in Nepal: My SEO Packages are designed to help small to medium-sized companies to rank their websites on the first page of Google for highly competitive non-branded keywords searched by prospects and potential clients. (About me) [SEO Expert in Nepal]

SEO Expert in Nepal (Manjit Shrestha)

Search Engine Optimization Expert in Nepal 

List of SEO Strategies:

  • Find a List of keywords (Identify Keywords)
  • Analysis and Competitor Depth Research (Content Marketing Strategy)
  • Google first page and Industry Analysis (Google Ranking Factors)
  • Find out customers and Related Vacuum Keywords (Relative Keyword Research)
  • Optimize SEO-on-page (Website optimization on-page)
  • Maximize Search Purpose (Proper Content Research)
  • Build Links, SEO-off-page (Website optimization off-page)
  • Brand, Lead, and Infographics (Image optimization Alt Text)
  • Engagement in Trending Social Media (Socia Media Marketing)
  • Technical SEO (Speed, Plugins, Website Management)

What is Included in my SEO Packages? [SEO Service in Nepal]

  1. Identify Keywords –that your prospects type in on search engines when they research and look for products and services.
  2. Optimize On & Off-site SEO – and gradually improve keyword rankings so that they appear on the first page of organic search results.
  3. Create a Comprehensive Content Marketing Strategy – to capture and drive prospects to your site when they are looking for trends, best practices, checklists, or running any relevant research for the industry.
  4. Create Relevant Contextual Backlinks – on authoritative websites to help you improve your ranking.
  5. Improve Conversion Rates – Optimize your landing pages, increase website loading speed, and fix crawling errors so you can rank on the first page.

During the SEO optimization campaign, I will review your current SEO performance, analyze your competitors, and develop a long-term SEO strategy that outlines activities, metrics, and estimated results, as well as the end goal of the campaigns for the next year, if not 1 – 2 years. All SEO plans include features such as:

  • Extensive keyword and topic research
  • SEO Competitor’s analysis
  • SEO audits and technical SEO
  • Backlink profile report and analysis
  • SEO strategy planning and implementation (implementation available on SEO Growth and Maximize SEO plans)
  • On-page SEO
  • Content marketing with blog posts and editorial calendar
  • White Hat Link Building

Who are these SEO Packages for? [SEO Service in Nepal]

Seo specialist in nepal manjit shrestha
SEO Expert in Nepal (Manjit Shrestha)

With performance-based SEO, I can help you improve your keyword ranking, and organic traffic, acquire new customers, and grow your business regardless of the size or stage of your company.

Just Starting your Company (Starter)

  • You have your investors or are a self-funded company that generates revenue for you, and you want to reinvest it into SEO and lead generation.
  • You’re still determining product-market fit and require assistance in identifying your ideal customer profile as well as conducting market and keyword research.
  • You want to establish your web presence and optimize your SEO so that it becomes your primary lead generation channel.
  • You have committed to investing at least $600 per month in SEO services for the next one to two years until you reach the first page and begin to significantly grow your business.

Growing Company

  • You’ve determined product-market fit and are now looking to compete with other well-known brands and businesses on the market.
  • You have at least $500 in marketing budget or are well-funded.
  • You don’t have a strong online presence, and it’s difficult for prospects to find you when they search for products and services online.
  • You must have at least one full-time SEO marketing employee or are looking to hire your first digital marketing resource.

Established Businesses

  • You’ve been in business for about 5 years, and your company is still expanding.
  • You have a marketing team that handles the website, email, social media, paid advertising, and other marketing campaigns, but you are still not seeing results.
  • Have some online visibility but no clear SEO strategy or first-page ranking for competitive non-branded keywords.
  • Want to increase organic traffic that will provide you with qualified leads and sales? Find an SEO Specialist or consultant, in other words.

SEO Packages And Price Checklist: SEO Service in Nepal [SEO Expert in Nepal]

Keyword Research:

– 10-50 Keywords

Set up:

– Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Bing Analytics, Yandex

Plugins tools:

– Website Optimization Plugins Installation, Newsletter

Technical support:

– robots.txt file, robort.txt file, RSS feed file, XML Sitemap, 404 error page, 301 redirect page, W3C validation, canonical URL issue

On-page SEO:

– Page Speed, Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, H1-H6 Heading, Url Structure, Internal Link, External Link, Broken Links, Tags, Title, Keyword Stuffing, Framing, JS, Branding, Design

Compatible Checkup:

– Browser Compatibility, Mobile version, Tab version

Off-page SEO:

– Search engine submission, Directories submission, blog commenting, RSS submission, local business directory, classified ads, Forum commenting, Social media and bookmarking, Email marketing, Content marketing

Pricing for SEO Service in Nepal [SEO Expert in Nepal]

15 Days 30 Day 3 Months
20k 40k 80k

Why you should hire me as Your SEO Expert? (SEO Expert in Nepal)

Seo expert in nepal manjit shrestha
SEO Expert in Nepal (Manjit Shrestha)
  • I recommend high-quality, well-researched content for SEO campaigns.
  • I will increase your website traffic in an organic way within 30-90 days.
  • Will provide you with monthly SEO reporting.
  • I will develop an SEO strategy based on ROI data.
  • I will provide Premium SEO tools for auditing websites.

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